Dig Deep and Pick a Winner!

At T2 Design, we love logo contests and we could use your help! A recent grant given to Anderson County will create a coal mining museum to be located in the Lake City area and the new attraction has already invited designers to submit their creative ideas for a museum logo.

T2 Design has thrown their hat into the ring with the following four design concepts. Which option do you like best? Leave your vote as a comment below and show us your support! And feel free to share this post on Facebook or Twitter so that we can get more votes and help pick a winner!

Coal Creek Miners Museum Logo Design Concepts

6 thoughts on “Dig Deep and Pick a Winner!

  • By Shannon Follett- Reply

    I Like D Best. It Is Simply Stated And That Draws The Eye In To it.

    • By Todd Temple- Reply

      Thanks for the vote Shannon!

    • By Kim Mitchell- Reply

      I like A but it says Lake City instead of Rocky Top!
      Kim Mitchell

      • By Todd Temple- Reply

        Thanks for the vote Kim! These entries were created some time ago before the city’s name change.

  • By Sarah Booher- Reply

    B or C for sure. Very well integrated without being busy.

  • By angie dobbs- Reply

    i agree with sarah…b or c!

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