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Outdoor Ads Are In Your Face

Karla Gourley Outdoor Advertisement

Karla Gourley Outdoor Advertisement

Lets face it… who doesn’t want their name, face and contact information in front of potentially thousands of customers every single day? It doesn’t get any easier than this! Ask T2 Design today about promoting your business through billboards. Outdoor advertising reaches a broader market of consumers, increases your brand loyalty, and communicates your marketing message with a larger than life advertisement.

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Awe Your Audience

T2 Design is excited to have been given the opportunity to design the first billboard in our area using SolaRay. Also known at spangles, eye-catchers, or billboard sequins, SoloRay consists of freely oscillating highly reflective sequins permanently mounted to a clear grid. These reflective pieces are constantly in motion due to wind and make a striking and distinctive graphic, perfect for billboard advertising.

karla_billboardClick below to see a video demonstration of the SolaRay billboard in action. You may want to fast forward a bit to around 1:15. Watch the demo video!

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