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Clean and Green Web Design

Hallsdale-Powell Utility District ACT Now CampaignT2 Design was given the opportunity to work with Hallsdale-Powell Utility District (HPUD) in announcing their ACT Now Program (Alliance for a Cleaner Tomorrow) to keep customers informed during their ongoing ten year plan to upgrade their sewer infrastructure.

T2 Design produced a direct mail brochure to make the initial introduction to the community, accompanied by a responsive website to supply additional details and quarterly progress reports. The website enables HPUD to supply updated information to it’s customers over the next decade and introduce sustainable practices that residents in the HPUD service area can utilize to help keep their system at it’s best.

Hallsdale­-Powell Utility District’s ACT Now Program is committed to helping improve and preserve the local waterways, creeks and streams; not only now but in the future. Their goal is to retain these vital resources for long term sustainability of water quality, drinking water supply, aquatic habitat, recreation, public health and the environment.

Visit the HPUD ACT Now website for more information.

Communication is Key in Life and in Advertising.

The Hearing and Speech Foundation needed a direct mail postcard to help raise funds and awareness for donors to support their services and programs that benefit both children and adults with speech and hearing problems.  The organization realized that not only is communication essential in the lives of those they serve everyday, but it is also important in helping raise funds so they can continue their incredible work across the globe.

Hearing Speech Foundation Direct Mail PostcardThey called on T2 Design to assist them in creating a compelling direct mail postcard that grabbed attention and helped raise awareness and funds for this one-of-a-kind organization. For more information about how T2 Design can help you communicate to your target audience through direct mail postcards or other forms of media, contact us today.

Rainscapes Direct Mail Postcard

Rainscapes Summer Direct Mail Postcard

Rainscapes Summer Direct Mail Postcard

Hot off the press, we’ve created a sharp looking postcard for the Rainscapes summer direct mail campaign. The oversized postcard promotes a deep discount aimed at potential customers. The campaign will generate additional revenue by adding new customers during the summer months. Visit the Rainscapes website to find out more about their professional, best-qualified irrigation services.

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