Creating Paradise

eastwood_webT2 Design was pleased to be chosen to create and launch Eastwood Landscaping’s online presence.Their website spotlights the outstanding landscape and hardscapes they have created. From a stunning portfolio page to information on maintenance, the customer will be ready to have Eastwood Landscaping turn their backyard into a private paradise.

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A Website With Deep Roots

Great Smoky Mountain Heritage Center WebsiteT2 Design was challenged to create a website for the Great Smoky Mountain Heritage Center to illustrate their mission to preserve, protect and promote the unique history and rich culture of those that inhabited the Great Smoky Mountain region.

The website is full of information regarding permanent and traveling exhibits, cultural events, and education programs offered to the community members and schools.

Visit the Great Smoky Mountain Heritage Center website now.

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Large Scale Announcement

johnsonu_merger_bannerT2 Design had the privilege to assist Johnson University in designing a banner to announce their merger with Florida Christian College. This sleek, modern banner display can be transported to various locations and includes a QR code for further information. T2 Design offers exhibition graphics on a variety of cutting-edge materials to attract potential customers at your next trade show.

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Awe Your Audience

T2 Design is excited to have been given the opportunity to design the first billboard in our area using SolaRay. Also known at spangles, eye-catchers, or billboard sequins, SoloRay consists of freely oscillating highly reflective sequins permanently mounted to a clear grid. These reflective pieces are constantly in motion due to wind and make a striking and distinctive graphic, perfect for billboard advertising.

karla_billboardClick below to see a video demonstration of the SolaRay billboard in action. You may want to fast forward a bit to around 1:15. Watch the demo video!

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